We are offer permanent eneollment centers (PEC) in various districts in west
Bengal & Bihar through Enrolment agency “Matrix Processing House “ and
“Urmila Info Servises”in various places in Bihar and West-Bengal. For enroll
the beneficiary and obey the UID Guideline.
In westbengal we have 42 permanent enrollment centers.(2017)
In Bihar we have 31 permanent enrollment centers.(2017)
We working with various Bank, for situated the AADHAR Eneollment Centers in bank Premises as per UID
guideline in 4 states of India through Bank to engage our Machinary & operators.
1.In west Bengal (South Indian Bank & Union Bank) -2017
2.In Arunachal Pradesh (Canara Bank)-2017
3.In Sikkim (Canara Bank)-2017
4.In Meghalaya (Canara Bank)-2017

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